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Monitor-fishing guide, a state-certified BPJEPS Fishing Leisure, I was born in Libourne in the Gironde (33) facing one of the best terroirs, exceptionally rich, as are the vineyards of Pomerol and St. Emilion in 1981 . From all my holidays in Gironde and Dordogne, I grew up in a charming village, now city, the suburbs of Toulouse, Plaisance du Touch and work for years for fishing at the local level through various associations, my AAPPMA and Association Sans Ardillon. Enthusiast since my childhood by water and its inhabitants, it seemed logical that over the years has made way for me.

True to my roots, listening to “my” Earth and wrought by human and fishing adventures, those thousands of miles and hours alone or with friends at the lakes and rivers like the wildest and most civilized will have traced a path resolutely clear. The transmission of my knowledge and my passion for fishing. All fisheries!

And the discovery of a new technique that is at sea or in fresh water, so today the world of recreational fishing is booming and is experiencing an extraordinary dynamism, remains a challenge for me!

This notion of challenge is everywhere. The characteristic of being human to want more and more, I sprained my mind places that no one could imagine to narrow the search for treasures in scales, and absolute answers. I found some keys: friends, love and carp … And I can only give what I am to find them!

In 2003, at the end of my studies – the end does one elsewhere someday? – 2004 was a year quite decisive, I decided to devote my time and my life to my passion. Long moments of loneliness were opportunities but the joys and meetings whether human or animal encouraged me to keep the same course, for some madness. At the same time I plunged back into my passion since childhood, with whom I often mistaken fishing: music.

These thousands of hours, these days, these years brought me know, my knowledge of the terrain over much of southern France, stretching from the Great “Landais” Lakes to the majestic Lake St. Cassian in the Var through small rivers of the Dordogne, the Lot or the great river waters which flirts with the lofty peaks of the Pyrenees, her Majesty Garonne.

They also brought me the confidence of some of the greatest fishermen in the country or even internationally, that today I am a consultant for several prestigious companies in the field of fisheries, both for the bait to the material and occasionally journalist for the group Eboo editions through columns and Top Media Carpe Carp Max. I thank the attention they relate and support me in my daily adventure of teaching and guiding fishing.

My life, I dedicated to fishing, my family, my friends, those who believe that tomorrow will be better, and those who have nothing. It is a personal commitment, political commitment. Change the World will not happen with weapons of mass destruction. Consciences, they, impossible to change only through extensive work on our everyday ways of acting. And the only weapons that I tolerate are music and just fishing rods.

Wishing you a good visit… Keep on Fishing!

Julien Frappier

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