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Terms and Conditions

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Internships, prices and dates are planned for the period specified in the confirmation reservation by letter or by e-mail.

Prices quoted are in Euro value, net Pesca d’Oc. being free of VAT.

The Monitor-Fishing Guide reserves the right to change the location of the activity or report in agreement with the applicant, or to cancel the service if the weather conditions, water levels and safety of participants as staff are not those suitable for rational practice.

Pesca d’Oc and Julien Frappier waive all liability in case of incidents and / or accidents:

resulting from excessive risk taking on the part of the person(s) guided, despite the warnings or guides, only persons qualified to judge the feasibility of an action (move, fight with a fish, removal of a line by boat, or other …).

Any activity, entertainment, training or guidance started – namely from the time the guide conducting the activity has set foot on the ground outside the car on arrival at the point of departure for the activity to last parking – is due in full.

Any premature departure of a student / participant at an event, whatever (Animation, training, guidance), will in no circumstances refund reason.

The practice of fishing is done in daylight hours by law, except for carp at night, on route authorized and provided for this purpose. Catches are not guaranteed. With the exception of species listed as pests, any fish caught will be released alive in its native environment.

Boat fishing can be done only on presentation of a certificate of fitness for swimming or a certificate attesting to the honor of swimming ability, both for accompanied MINORS and Majors. Recreational fishing can be an extremely risky practice-like all extreme sports, the risk of drowning, hypothermia or other is real if dropped in water, whatever the season.

Fishing licenses (Federal fishing license) are not included in the fares charged.
Fishing rights may be asked to participants based on location (federal fishing pass’ or private).

Pesca d’Oc reserves the right to add charges for:

Failure, degradation and / or voluntary or involuntary deterioration of equipment, excessive loss of lures (they will be charged at market price.) Any rod broken will, by the legal representative, to be repaid.

The activities are taught with a given amount of bait (ex-non-contractual: 2 kilos of boilies.). The request for additional bait can and will be charged based on the type(s) and volumes of wanted bait and ordered in diameters available. They (the boilies in particular) are guaranteed by our producer and partner of the highest quality available today on the market.

Image rights : Any participation in an activity provided by Pesca d’Oc. leads us automatically to the right to use, without any financial compensation and / or in kind, photographs taken during the / those (s) activities within the framework of a strictly promotional communication paper, internet or audiovisual of Pesca d’OC. In return, we promise not to sell or give, or publish in any media and website – with the exception of our partners-, websites with pornographic or violent prohibited to minors and other sites unsuitable for morality in order to best protect your image and your child(ren).

Important :

Deliverables :

For Minors :

Signed Permission of the guardian that the child participates at the stay.

Signed Permission of the guardian of the child or allowing the host structure of animation to make appropriate decisions in the event of a serious incident: Firefighters Call Transfer to hospital.

Adult and juvenile :

Specific Information (allergies, sun sensitivity, heart problems should be reported to the registration).

For animation stay, medical certificate of fitness to practice fishing mandatory.

The children must know swimming. Any recording of a child who can not swim emerge automatically monitor and the activity structure of any responsibility for any problems related to this phenomenon. In addition, a swimming certificate issued by a municipal swimming pool is highly desirable. The certificate of fitness to swim by the legal representative is, for it an obligation. If necessary a lifejacket will be provided.

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